Tenants Panel Scrutiny

Tenants Panel Srutiny

Scrutiny is the essential tool used by the Tenants Panel. The Scottish Housing Charter (Charter) sets the outcomes and standards that all social landlords should be achieving for their tenants and other customers through their housing activities. The Panel uses scrutiny to provide evidence of how reliable an individual service is performing and delivering good outcomes for tenants. A copy of the Charter can be accessed via the link below. 

The Scottish Social Housing Charter

Remit of the Tenants Panel

The responsibility of the Tenants Panel is to monitor, review and scrutinise the quality and value of housing services tenants receive.  The Panel’s role is to find out how reliable Housing and Building Services is performing and delivering services to a good standard. Where the Panel consider a particular part of a service is flagging, it can bring this information to senior managers of the service and seek improvement

Panel Membership

1.       Any West Lothian Council tenant who is a member of the Housing Networks is eligible to stand for election to the Tenants Panel

2.   A maximum of six council tenants can be elected to represent the Five Sisters and Cairn Brock Housing Network (3 from each Network)

3.       All members of the Tenants Panel will stand down every two years and can seek re-nomination.

4.       All members of the Housing Networks are eligible to vote in the election of their respective Tenant Panel Members

Panel Meetings

Meetings of the Tenants Panel are held monthly. The agenda at each meeting is agreed between senior officers of Housing and Building Services and the Panel. The Panel’s role is to monitor, review and scrutinise. Within a three monthly rolling schedule of meetings, members will have met as the Full Tenants Panel, the Performance Tenants Panel and the Finance Tenants Panel