Tenant Led Inspections

Tenant Led Inspections

Tenant Led InspectionTenant Led Inspections (TLIs) are used by small teams of tenants to measure how good a particular part of housing services is performing.  The inspection team aims to identify what works well and what could be done better or improved.The Inspection Teams, which tend to meet twice a week for about 6 weeks, start by deciding what they will look at, what they want to find out, and decide which methods they will use.


Tools that Tenant Inspectors use

  • Looking at published policies and procedures;
  • observing staff at work;
  • role play;
  • questionnaires to staff;
  • interviews with tenants, customers and staff;
  • customer satisfaction surveys;
  • exit surveys;
  • telephone surveys;
  • home visits;
  • mystery shopping;
  • attending staff meetings;
  • attending performance meetings;
  • site visits; and,
  • media


  • A Tenant Inspection Team is made up of up to 5 West Lothian tenants/service users.
  • The Inspection Team decide what to inspect and how to do it without any interference from West Lothian Council staff.
  • Independent 'Professional’ advice and information
  • Administrative support from the TP Team if requested
  • Tenant Inspectors are entitled to an expenses allowance.

Scrutinizing the Service

Each inspection team decides this for themselves, but the sorts of things the inspectors will be looking for in any inspection are:

  • Does the Council do what it says it will do?
  • Are the Council’s policies and procedures adequate?
  • Does the service meet customers’ needs?
  • Are customers’ feedback and complaints used to improve the service?
  • Is the service accessible to all?
  • How can tenant participation in the service be improved

Inspection Outcomes

The inspection team writes a report listing the strengths and areas for improvement they have found. The Council then responds with an Action Plan, which says what will be done to address all the areas for improvement found. Once the Action Plan has been completed the team re-inspect to sign off the inspection.

Want to become a Tenant Inspector?

If you are interested in becoming a Tenant Inspector or would like to find out more about it, please contact us  or contact tp.mailbox@westlothian.gov.uk