Play a Part - Choose an option that suits you.

Any tenant or service user can play a part in tenant participation, either as an individual or through one of our established groups.

We understand people want to take part in a way that fits their own circumstance. This is why we have included a menu of options in the Tenant Participation Strategy. Take part in your own way by selecting from the options listed below.

Individual Events

Individual events are held to inform and consult tenants and service users about changes or improvements to services. Events will be advertised in Tenants News, local council offices and the council and tenants’ websites. Watch out for an event that interests you and then come along and make your views known.

Surveys and Questionnaires

ratingCompleting satisfaction surveys and questionnaires is part of participation. When you receive your survey or questionnaire you should complete it and make your views and opinions known. For example, filling in a Tenant Satisfaction Survey and/or Repairs Survey, really does lead to improvements in performance and quality of services. Most surveys can be completed online, by telephone or by post. Do this from the comfort of your own home.                                    

Working Groups

involvementWorking groups are made up of council tenants, service users and council officers. Individual groups meet over a period of time to review an existing service or develop a new housing service. Examples include:

  • Reviewing and updating the Tenant Participation Strategy
  • Scrutinising the Housing Capital Programme
  • Further developing Tenant Participation
  • Editing and publishing Tenants News

Focus Groups